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 1. My best clients are people who treat my employees with respect and appreciation. My employees clean toilets, stoves, sinks, floors, etc 5 days a week every week without complaining. They know my mantra is that every client and every clean is important, from the first clean on Monday morning until the last clean on Friday afternoon and every client is important regardless of how big or small the home. 2. We will use your “green, environmentally friendly” cleaning products. But quite frankly, they don’t work as well as ours and nothing we use is toxic. And those “green” products mean that it takes us longer to get your home clean so if the end result is not what you expected, please don’t be disappointed with us. 3. After we leave, check the house. Please don’t be upset if we ask you to inspect our work while/if you are there. Since I have a 24 hour satisfaction guarantee policy, the last thing my employees want is to have to go back out the next day and fix something you weren’t happy with. Also, if you want extra work done, please let me know in advance. The cleaners won’t do anything without first receiving my approval to do so in advance. In other words, my cleaners don’t make a move without first going through me. 4. Most independent cleaners do not run any sort of background check, carry any liability insurance, are bonded or pay worker’s compensation. I do. And all of that is to cover you, the client. If I didn’t carry this type of coverage, you would be on the hook if we break something or get hurt on the job. However that costs money which is why we are more expensive then independent cleaners. 5. Firehouse has made a point of taking the best of large franchise organizations and independent cleaning people which means we have a strict cleaning process with personalization/attention to detail. This means we are different in that while we care deeply about what is going on in your life, we also have a job to do. Please don’t think that we are ignoring you while/if you are talking to us during the cleaning – the mark of a true professional cleaner is that we are able to carry on a full conversation with you while we are cleaning. 6. We strive to be flexible – if you want cleaning more often, focus on the areas/rooms in which you live. We have many clients that have what we call “short” and “long” cleans. It allows you to keep the areas you live in cleaned while also keeping the areas/rooms that you don’t live in to continue to be cleaned on a regular basis.  7. Firehouse is a small company and most likely you will see the same people all the time. However, I try to switch cleaners on a regular basis so that everyone has an opportunity to have been in your home at one time or another. 8. Please don’t let missed things build up – you must communicate with me. I call every one of my clients the night before to remind them of their clean. This is your opportunity to talk to me. All of my clients have the ability to contact me at any time. I would much rather you tell me that you are not happy with something than to let it fester and have you terminate our relationship out of frustration. Remember, I can’t fix something if I don’t know it is broken! 9. Please pick up clothes off the floor, get your dishes out of the sink, pick up kid’s toys, and clear stuff from counter tops. You will be much happier with the clean. You are paying for a cleaning service, not a maid service. 10. I have a strict policy not to talk about client’s in other clients homes or to look at your personal items. If there is something in your home that you do not want us to see, please put it away. 11. Please recommend us to friends. You will receive a discount for an on-going new client. If you have suggestions about how to improve our business, please let me know. However, you must communicate with me, the owner. Don’t expect that if you tell one of my cleaners something, it will get back to me. Feedback is important and will only allow me to improve upon my business and the service we provide you. 12. However, everything that goes on in every home gets back to me – so if you have a problem, please let me know. I meet with my cleaners every morning before they leave for the day and every day when they return. For those of you who know me well, you know I am a hands-on owner and a cleaner, at times. My cleaners know I am happy when the client is happy. And when I am happy, then everyone is happy!


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